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Nervous System 101

In this video, Jessica shares the working model she has evolved to explain the functioning of the nervous system to her clients.  This is a lengthier video (17 minutes) than the messages that are [...]

Why the Nervous System Matters

In this video, Jessica shares her perspective on why the nervous system is essential to our overall health and well-being and why we should be paying attention to it.

Interview with Antony Sammeroff of Be Yourself and Love It! Podcast

Join us for this interview of Jessica with Antony Sammeroff of the Be Yourself and Love It! podcast broadcast from Scotland.  

Brief Introductory Video Featured on

Here is a brief introductory video (1 minute long) produced by (a local news station) who is currently featuring Nervous System RESET as their Health And Wellness recommendation.

Tremoring for Regulation

This video explains the difference between using the restorative tremor for regulation purposes as opposed to simply focusing on release.  It underscores the primary focus of the Nervous System [...]

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