WOUND UP.  Stressed out.  Overwhelmed. Anxious. powerless.

All too common words used to describe how we feel on a daily basis… It’s true…life is stressful.

But inside our bodies there is an innate intelligence and a natural recovery response that unwinds tension, restores balance and reboots our resilience.

Whether you are negotiating everyday life stress or traumatic stress, Nervous System RESET is an educational and somatic-based wellness model that teaches you how to work with your body to better manage and mitigate the effects of stress in your body and in your life.

Nervous System RESET:
A gentle, effective approach to rebalancing and regulating the nervous system, cultivating greater body awareness, and promoting overall health and wellness.
Let Go of Stress
Our nervous systems are designed to ebb and flow like the pulsing tides. They are also designed to settle and regulate by discharging accumulated stress patterns through a gentle, restorative myofascial release process.
Learn how to release chronic muscular holding patterns locked deep in the body.
Cultivate Internal Safety and Find Your Center
Re-establish your personal grounding and resilience by developing an embodied sense of internal safety.
Restore Balance
A well-regulated nervous system leads to a quieter mind and a clearer outlook on life.
Rediscover Flow
Nervous System RESET helps us reconnect with our bodies in a new way, experiencing them as empowered, intelligent, and pulsating with life.

The key to better health and quality of life lies in the nervous system

Our nervous system is the deepest core of our being.  It dictates how we feel in our bodies, the clarity of our thoughts, the quality of our relationships.  When it is in balance and functioning optimally, we flow with the ups and downs of life.  We are resilient.

But when the nervous system is taxed, everything can feel off.  And that is what happens when we are managing the ongoing, chronic stress of life.  Financial challenges, relationship dynamics, parenting duties…all of the balls that we juggle can make life feel overwhelming at times.  And stress patterns build up in our bodies.

Most of us do not realize that our nervous system is dialoguing with us every minute of every day, trying to alert us to its level of activation.  We can learn how to speak directly with our nervous systems and more importantly, how to change the dialogue from one of distress and dysregulation to one of greater ease, balance and flow.

Nervous System RESET teaches you how to be in empowered dialogue with your nervous system and to cultivate a felt sense of safety in your body.  At the heart of this model is the restorative tremor, a gentle, vibratory, muscular discharge that allows accumulated stress patterns to release from the body and which is taught as a regulation tool to help your nervous system reset from chronic stress and/or past trauma.

For more information on how Nervous System RESET is designed to work, please click here.  Or visit the Programs/Trainings page for a listing of our programs and offerings.

What people are saying…

  • I reluctantly attended my first RESET session as part of a group and was very skeptical about what was going to happen, having spent the past 3 years running a gauntlet of therapies and medications trying to find something to relieve depression, anxiety and PTSD symptoms. I haven’t had a panic attack since the first week of using RESET techniques and am now off all medications and sleeping better. I’ve felt very supported throughout the experience and am most grateful for learning that my body was trying to heal naturally, but I wasn’t hearing it.  I learned how to listen to myself which has drastically changed my quality of life for the better.  I recommend RESET especially if traditional treatments haven’t clicked for you.

    MLR Consultant
  • After 35 years of living in a fairly terrified body (& a relatively recent car accident that amplified that) I really needed to move beyond my ‘mind’ in order to find healing. I had searched a long time for something that could help me get unstuck from the effects of trauma. When Jessica and I started working together, I really had no practical concept of what it meant to work with my body.  The techniques I started practicing through the first few sessions had enough of an effect on my nervous system that I was seeing - and experiencing - what I had been missing for so long - the opportunity to feel more calm and safe, to interact with friends and family without being blocked by defensiveness or feeling in ‘fight’ mode, more energy and creativity to focus on my dreams and goals. Whilst I still very much consider myself to be on a journey of healing, the most profound gift has been the relationship and sense of trust I’ve built with my body. This has already seen me better managing terrifying situations (an earthquake, an anaesthetic reaction) with a sense that they have less of a lasting impact on me as my body regulates itself then and there. These are lifelong skills & so different to any ‘strategy’ I’ve learned before. I wholeheartedly believe that working with our nervous systems, and engaging with our bodies are foundational for healing - and this understanding will profoundly influence my own coaching practice going forward. Jessica is so kind and compassionate and has immense knowledge and expertise - I truly hope that people like me who feel they have tried everything to heal will find her.

    Vicki Evans Life Coach
  • Since working with Jessica and the RESET program I have found a greater sense of control, where I felt completely out-of-control before in regards to my nervous system response.  Previously when my anxiety would start to tick up, I felt as though I was being tumbled and overrun by the waves.  Now that I have learned how to read the signs of activation I have a box full of tools that I can utilize immediately, allowing me to ride the waves of panic, rather than to be a passive bystander.  This has been invaluable to me in that I now have much more self-compassion and can actively participate in my body and my life.  Jessica's guidance is gentle, kind, clear, and very supportive.  I highly recommend this program to anyone suffering from trauma, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, or really anyone with a nervous system.

    Monika K. LMT, Yoga and Somatic Movement Teacher
  • When I came to Jessica, I had suffered from several years of severe low back tension with nerve involvement that only seemed to worsen with most types of therapy.  The extraordinary release that I experienced was the final step to feeling 100%.  My chiropractor was also astounded by the physical elongation and movement in my spine.  I am more comfortable in my body than I have been in years! --Dana

  • I must share my profound and life changing experience of the Nervous System Reset program which is so simple yet so powerful on so many levels!!!! To name some of shifts I have seen: I am more in tune with my nervous system. I am more aware of what triggers me. I know how to practice simple tools and awareness in the moment to down regulate my nervous system. My stress levels are staying at a healthier and more balanced state. My body feels like it is running more optimally. I have more space to enjoy and appreciate all of of life. My recommendation to each and every person is to schedule with Jessica for her 6- session program.   It is the best gift you could give yourself or anyone you love.

    Laura Houston
  • I came to Jessica suffering the effects of a traumatic brain injury. Before RESET, my management strategies often led me to be overworked, undernourished and exhausted from trying to outrun the anxiety and discomfort I felt. The reality was, I was achieving success externally at the high cost of my internal wellbeing.  Working with Jessica, understanding my body, recognizing different states and how they affect me and finally learning to manage my experiences and responses by making peace with their reality and diffusing/disrupting the cycle I had imagined was my base state, has been life changing. The difference in knowing I can truly find peace within my body as opposed to the decades of trying to manage my ever changing environmental stressors has given me a awareness of personal confidence, resiliency and peace than I have ever known. I am happier, healthier and more in control of my internal experiences and external responses.

    Kate Blazer MSW, Clinical Social Worker at Alternative School
  • I honestly cannot imagine my own healing journey or that of my clients’ without Jessica’s work. Her presence as a healer and person is its own force, but then she has brought incredible clarity, brilliance, groundedness, and hope to working with the how our lives are lived in the body, whether it’s the trauma we are carrying, the ways we limit ourselves, or access to our own healing processes.   By emphasizing safety and self-regulation, she has created a system that empowers.  What I notice most as a practitioner in my clients who work with Jessica is much greater self-regulation while doing work in session, and the ability to stay regulated out of session.  This means many things -- not the least of which is a decreased need for me to work to regulate us both -- but especially the possibility of creating more space for deep process and lasting healing.  I cannot recommend her more highly, and I refer almost all of my clients to her work.

    Erin Moline, MA, LPC
  • Most of my life, my view of the world, my perception of myself, and my experience of inhabiting a body have been colored by what I call free-floating anxiety. And after more than 40 years as a health educator, I have a pretty big toolbox of skills, tools, and practices to deal with change, lower stress and anxiety, and better achieve wellness. But it was not until my recent work with Jessica Schaffer and her Nervous System RESET program that I made a quantum leap in my own sense of well-being by increasing my ability to self-regulate my anxiety levels.  Perhaps most notably, Jessica taught me practices to discharge much of my anxiety and reset my arousal level to one that is much more conducive to creativity, humor, kindness, and the enjoyment of life. I am so grateful to Jessica and her Nervous System RESET program for helping me smooth out my jagged internal landscape and make room to invite in peace. I highly recommend Jessica, her work, her expertise, her grasp of the science behind the skills she teaches, and her presence in the world, to anyone of any age wanting to experience higher level wellness and well-being.

    Suze Rutherford Health Educator
  • Through supportive, nonjudgmental, compassion and calm, Jessica helped my son process severe fears of swimming underwater from Anesthesia trauma. Using RESET Jessica slowed things down, allowed him to be accepting and honor what his body was doing by keeping him safe. Within 1 week working with Jessica, my son was able to swim, handstand, somersault and learned 4 swim strokes, today he holds his breath for up to 40 seconds underwater. He is no longer cautious to get this face and head wet…Priceless to be uninhibited with the joy of swimming. Love learning her simple but empowering methods, this is easier than taking a pill and feel like we have usable tools for life!

    Joan Cass

Nervous System RESET,

an Introduction with Jessica Schaffer

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